Church of Hate

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The congregation is formed...... Church of Hate is a self made, non-racist, anti-gospel band that was established in 1998. Born in a filthy basement in Tacoma, WA--this band has created a genre all their own. They continue to raise the bar that they created with blashpemous lyrics, relentless percussion, guitars tuned down further than any band dares, and an insane stage show that leaves even the most jaded show goer with nightmares. Their mission is to spread like the cancer that they are-throughout the know world and beyond, spewing their in your face campaign of unadulterated filth and vulgarity to the masses until incarceration or death. The band's first release was an Untitled EP which was recorded in 2001. This EP sold over 1,000 copies in its first two years, exclusively at local shows. They release another Untitled EP in 2003, this time released on their self made label called Born Against Records. That release sold just as many copies, in half the time, to the same local fans, with the same acceptance. This proved to them that the fan base was real. The shows and fans began to expand to Seattle, Spokane, and Portland with similar response from fans and promoters alike. And in January 2005, they hit the studio to start recording their next record which is sure to up the stakes once again. At their annual Halloween show at Hell's Kitchen (their hometown spot), Church of Hate released a DVD Sampler video that allowed fans and enemies alike to view the Church on video from the discomfort of their own home. The sampler a preview of the upcoming full length DVD (filmed and edited by Fivedown Productions & scheduled to be released in 2005), is being used as a promotional vehicle to attract new fans, a worth manager, and record label interest. Church of Hate is currently booking shows in the greater northwest and continues to sell their merchandise at shows and now on their all new 128bit SSL Encrypted secure online store. Their merchandise has been sold as far as the Phillipines and Russia. Working with local sponsors such as Fivedown Productions, Vision Tattoo, Piercings by Jaarivs, JK Stickers, S&M Underworld and national sponsors such as Castle Megastores, CxOxH has developed a network of partners, friends, fans and business associates who truly believe in what they are supporting.